Follow these simple steps on how to get a Alertpay account for FREE.
  1. Create an email address, gmail is most recommended than other email providers. They have the best spam filters.
  2. Visit Alertpay website and click Signup or Sign Up Now button.
  3. Choose the type of account you want to make:
    • Personal Account: this is for small buyer or purchases, this account is free from any fees but has limited quota and can’t use Credit Card Payment.
    • Personal Pro : Ideal for active buyers and sellers. Accept credit card payments. No limit to receive payments. Fees Applied
    • Business Account : Ideal if you want to start a business as PTC owner or other business owner. Allow you to use business name and other business tools. Fees Applied.
  4. Fill all the information correctly and accurately. And click next.
  5. They will ask for Credit Card Information. Skip this step, you can add it later if you want to purchase with Credit Card.
  6. Check your Email inbox you use for signup for Alertpay activation email. Click the verification link.
  7. You have Alertpay Account now! Congratulation!
Security Alert: You must not give out any information via email. Alertpay never ask you to send them your login information in any case. Be careful of spoof and phising email that try to get your login information and hack your account. Type everytime you want to login. Never click any link that come from email (although they said it is from alertpay).

Withdrawal: You may request your balance from Alertpay via Direct Bank Transfer (for certain countries), Mailed Cheques or Wire Transfers.

  1. Log in to your Paypal Account.
  2. Click Profile>Add/Edit Credit Card.
  3. Fill your Credit card information correctly (you can only use credit card with your own name).
  4. On the “Action” column , you will see the following options Edit, Remove and Make Primary. Since your card is not yet confirmed or verified you will see ”Enter Paypal Code”. Click it
  5. You will see “Link and Confirm your Debit or Credit Card” .
  6. Paypal will charge $1.99 to your credit card (you will get it back to your account after you verify).
  7. Check your Credit Card Statement for Paypal Transaction and find the 4-digits code. The transaction looks like PP *xxxx EXPUSE, where xxxx indicates your four digit code.
  8. Enter your 4-digit code . Press the submit button and you are done now.

    * make sure you don’t click RESEND PAYPAL CODE because then you will be charged again, and your first code you get will automatically expire and replace by the new code from the new charge. Wait for your Credit Card statement to arrive, your verification will be in pending as long as you haven’t enter your code, so don’t worry.